East Coast Celebrates New Years


It has become an annual rite for New Yorkers and surrounding communities to gather in Times Square and celebrate New Years. Revelers took part in the annual tradition where they dropped the ball and brought in 2014. The globe this year was made of over 10,000 crystals and weighed 6.4 tons. According to officials, there were an estimate 12 million colors generated by the ball.


Atlanta’s answer to the Big Apple was the dropping of the peach. Over 500,000 onlookers braved the warmer conditions than New York’s to ring in the New Year. Atlanta came up with the peach concept as the warmer alternative and has consistently drawn larger audiences each year.


In Nashville, it was the dropping of a guitar. Although a little colder than Atlanta, celebrants come from all over the country to take part in the free outdoor concerts which take place throughout the town.

In all locations, police made some arrests on indecency and fighting, but said that overall the celebrations were well handled by the attendees.