Hancock County Board to Meet Today

Hancock County Courthouse
Hancock County Courthouse

It will be a very busy morning for the Hancock County Board of Supervisors today. The board must appoint a Chairman and Vice Chairman. Then they will have to make appointments to the various commissions that serve the Supervisors.

The Board will then look at and appoint the Eminent Domain members, name official news outlets, and authorize the County Auditor to perform various duties in the absences of the Board. They will also have to approve a resolution naming depositories.

Discussion will take place concerning the vacancy of a member to the Zoning Commission and who should be appointed into that role. The Board will then discuss reappointing members to the Board of Health, the medical examiner, a Conservation Board member, and two Zoning Commission members.

A final agenda item will be to raise the mileage rate to meet the current IRS standards.