Worth County Officials Get Raises

Worth Courthouse

The Worth County Board of Supervisors met to discuss approval of a petition for repairs to Drainage District #19 located in the Barton Township. The repairs were called for after engineers determined they were necessary.

The Supervisors then approved the Compensation Boards recommendation to increase salaries to many public officials. The increase amounts to a 3% jump in pay and will begin starting in the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year. The increases affect the county attorney, sheriff, auditor, recorder, treasurer, and supervisors.

This means that the County Attorney will earn around $53,573, the Auditor will get $49,780, the Recorder will receive $49,780, the Treasurer will get $49,780. The County Sheriff will earn $62,186.

The Board of Supervisors each voted themselves a raise. Supervisors will earn $29,471 after the 3% increase. The Supervisor Chair will get $30,486.