Forest City Hall Schedules Budget Meetings

FC City Hall

The City of Forest City has scheduled preliminary budget meetings for the fiscal year of 2015. The meetings will be held on Monday, January 13th, Tuesday January 14th, and then again on Monday, January 27th. Each of the meetings will have specific agendas addressing the specific departments within City Hall.

On Monday January 13th, the Mayor and City Council will discuss the general fund and the ten different components involved in the fund. At 5pm they will look over the budget for City Hall followed by a 5:30pm discussion of the Fire Department budget. At 5:50pm they will look into the Paramedic Budget followed by Street and Sanitation at 6:10pm. The airport budget will be reviewed at 6:40pm followed by looks at the Library Budget at 6:55pm, the Parks and Recreation Budget at 7:15pm, the Cemetery Budget at 7:45pm, and the Economic Development Budget at 8pm. Finally, at 8:20pm, the Mayor and Council will review the Police Department Budget.

Forest City Mayor Rick Skjeie
Forest City Mayor Rick Skjeie

On Tuesday, January 14th, the Mayor and council will discuss the Water/Wastewater Budget at 5pm, the Electric Light Plant Budget at 5:30pm and wind up at 6pm with a review of the Electric Distribution Budget.

The Mayor and Council will reconvene on Monday, January 27th, to finalize the budget for fiscal year 2015.

All meetings are scheduled to begin at 5pm and will be at the Forest City Council Chambers.