Hampton Discusses Broken Traffic Signals


It’s been on the honor system for several months, but drivers on 3 Highway may see some changes or fixes. City officials are discussing what to do with traffic lights on the highway that have been broken for three months. Officials have been wrangling with the Iowa Department of Transportation on the bill as well.

At issue is that the DOT is willing to pay for an unspecified amount new traffic lights if the city agreed to reduce the number of lanes on the highway from four to three. This has been an ongoing issue between the two parties for a number of years. The DOT has been trying to get other communities to do the same.

Meanwhile the city could refurbish the lights for around $30,000. They could also install new lights which would cost around $150,000. The city heard arguments how this would be beneficial, but many do not like the cost factor.

Another proposal is to make the intersections four way stops complete with stop signs. The cost to city would be $7,000 which is much more agreeable to many on the council and within the city maintenance a department. This would avoid the city bowing to the wishes of the DOT to downsize the highway as it would not involve DOT monetary support.

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