Burning Leaf Ban in Britt

Burning Leaves

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has officially closed the leaf burning site in the city of Britt. The DNR says that the city cannot continue to burn leaves due to several factors. One of the issues has to do with the gas that is emitted when leaves are burning. The second has to do with pollution. The DNR was quick to point out that as a part of the ban, the city has the option to allow private individuals to burn leaves on their property. The city has not allowed that activity since the banning by the DNR.

The city can continue to burn trees left at its collection site for trees. The DNR has not made any indications that there is a need to shut down that aspect. Tree burning is allowed at dump sites that collect branches, twigs, and tree trunks.

This now leaves the city with a need to figure out what, if anything, to do with the leaves that are collected by residents. Further, what are the residents to do with the leaves. Several councilmembers at a meeting on  December 2nd said they would like to see a compost site developed. Currently, several Iowa cities and towns have compost sites, some of which serve farmers and gardeners in the area. Many on the Britt City Council want the site to be paired with the tree collection site. The problem will be to budget for a program where the leaves will be composted which many on the council say they will address next year.

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