Kanawha City Council to Meet Tuesday


The Kanawha City Council has scheduled a regular meeting for Tuesday in order to hear from the City Clerk and to discuss the payment of several bills. The council will then hear from Ed Berg who is from the Hancock County Economic Development Corporation and is seeking the support of the city in 2014.

The council will then have to review, discuss, and adopt a resolution called the Hancock County Multi-Jurisdictional, Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan. The plan allows for exchange of emergency services such as fire, police, and first response units with from the city or the county to nearby locations.

The council will then look into raising the mileage reimbursement rate that it currently recognizes to the rate allowed by the United States Internal Revenue Service. The IRS rate is 56.5 cents per mile.

The council will then review and approve the election of Nat Hill as the new Kanawha Fire Chief and the discuss the 5 year Capital Improvement Plan. Along with that is the discussion of recovering costs from Patricia Mileham concerning a recent demolition on her property.

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