Forest City Junior High Kids Take Action Against Cancer


The Forest City Junior High students are going to try and raise funds and awareness about cancer. On Friday, the kids will be selling cookies to try and raise funds to battle the disease. However, they are going about it in a unique way. KIOW News Director A. J. Taylor had the opportunity to talk with Mallory Ziesmer, an instructor at the school who is spearheading the project that has the junior high kids taking classroom studies and applying them to real life.

A. J.: Tell us about what you are doing here, because this is a unique way of getting students to understand more about their studies.

A. J.: Now this has an interesting twist on things. Normally an instructor says here is the page, this is the assignment, and this is how you do it. You are taking the assignment and giving it real life applications so that students see an end to a means. Is this something that was in the curriculum or a way that the project just came together?

A. J.: Now the kids are getting to see the ultimate end to this goal and that is to raise money for cancer awareness. Is cancer something that they are aware of? Are they seeing how it impacts the fight against cancer?

A. J.: Have you given the kids specific recipes or have they come up with their own that they then have to do the math for the right amount of ingredients and then the baking or is there a given recipe they have to then calculate?

The bake sale as a part of the Coaches Against Cancer Program will be this Friday at the Forest City High School. It is around 4pm just before the junior high basketball game. Below is an interesting look at cancers and their survival percentages.

Childhood cancer survival
Childhood cancer survival


Female cancer survival rates.
Female cancer survival rates.


Cost of Cancer


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