The Winnebago County Conservation Board to Meet

The Winnebago County Conservation Board
The Winnebago County Conservation Board

The Winnebago County Conservation Board will hold a regular meeting on Monday, December 9th at 8am. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and approve the December agenda and review budget reports.

They will also consider the bids for the county’s 1985 Ford Truck and the 2000 Dodge van. The county has put the vehicles up for sale. Once the bids are reviewed, they will approve the sales to the bidders.

The Board will discuss the ITC Midwest’s proposed transmission line construction route across the Lande River Conservation Area. The tract was acquired with the Land and Water Conservation funding.

Hogsback 2


The next issue that the Board will deal with will be the ongoing safety issues at the Hogsback Wildlife Target Range. The Range underwent a recent remodeling and reconstruction. Now the Board wants to make sure that the vandalism taking place back in October will not return. Robert Schwartz told KIOW News in October:

Schwartz explained that the vandals were trying to destroy the targets altogether by cutting down the wood supports on the targets with repetitive shooting at the berms themselves and not the targets.


Now the Conservation Board is asking those who use the target range to be on the lookout for those who inappropriately use the range and are attempting to do the same damage to the berms and supports on the target.

The Board will look at a revised safety plan to try and alleviate the problem with all the new targets in place.

The board will meet in the Thorpe Park Office in Forest City.

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