Thorpe Park Closed to Traffic

The Winnebago County Conservation Board is reminding people that Thorpe Park, located five miles west of Forest City, will be closed to all traffic during the two shotgun deer seasons. Those seasons run from December 7th-11th and from December 14th-22nd. There will continue to be access to the park office and the shop building throughout the period, though. Because of the park closing, the Kids’ Scavenger Hunt, originally scheduled to be held at the park shelterhouse, will now be held at the park office, beginning at 3:00 PM, on Sunday, December 8th.

Shotgun deer hunting is not allowed in Thorpe Park, but the Thorpe Recreation Area located to the southeast, and the Russ Wildlife Area, to the west, are open to hunting. As a result, Thorpe Park is closed each year during the shotgun deer seasons for safety purposes. The park’s gates will be closed and no foot or motorized traffic will be allowed into the park. The Lake Catherine Cabin will also be closed down during this time.

If anyone has any questions about the Thorpe Park closure, they can contact WCCB Director

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