Shopko to Donate to Area Schools

The Shopko Corporation is donating money to the Forest City School District, but it needs your support. The Shopko Hometown Foundation is looking your signature at the store and for each one it receives daily, it will donate one dollar to the Forest City School District. The foundation will donate up to $2,000 per store as a part of its “Help Us Give Back” initiative. The initiative is not just limited to Forest City as each Hometown store in every community will donate funds to their respective school district.

Officials say that if all 181 Shopko Hometown stores reach the 2,000 signature level, the Foundation will donate more than $360,000 to school districts across the United States.

Shopko is over 330 stores strong in 21 states, but the Shopko Hometown locations are smaller stores developed to meet the needs of their respective smaller communities. Overall Shopko grosses over $3 billion a year in revenue. Officials say they want to give back to the communities they serve because they want to raise awareness to the budgetary challenges that many districts face.

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