Farmers Co-op Harvest Hope Labeled a Success

Farmers Coop in Forest City
Farmers Coop in Forest City

Operation Harvest Hope came to a successful conclusion according to officials with the Farmers Coop in Forest City. The Forest City Food Bank will receive $9,500 from 37 farm families. According to officials, this was slightly more than last year and they are impressed by the numbers. Officials said that in a year when local crops were below normal, the generosity of farm families to help others less fortunate was evident in the total amount given to Operation Harvest Hope.

The program was not just limited to Forest City, however. In Keister, the food shelf will receive $2,812 from 15 families. That brings the total collected and distributed to $12,312. In short, 52 families fed and untold number of less fortunate families in the two areas. Officials want to thank all of those who were responsible for meeting and exceeding the goals set by officials with Operation Harvest Hope.

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