King Speaks at “Defend the RFS” Rally (Video)

Representative Steve King and Senator Chuck Grassley spoke Friday to a group of supporters in Des Moines. The rally entitled, “Defend the RFS” was held inside a large airport hanger in Des Moines and was held in support in the generation of ethanol. King wants the EPA to return back to original standards. King told reporters and onlookers, “This {RFS} has been great for Iowa – great for America. It’s a national security issue; it’s an economics issue. According to the Verleger report we would see gas $.50 to a $1.50 higher if we didn’t have ethanol in it. So we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

“I want to go back and carefully read the federal statute that created the RFS. I’m not confident that the EPA has the legal authority to do this. So we’ve got a couple of alternatives, turn the heat up, turn the pressure up, put the message in. If you’ve got a network out there across the country and in any other congressional districts, do that too.”

“We are going to stand together on this. We’re going to tell them keep your hands off the RFS.”

The event was to show support for the RFS and encourage Iowans to demand the EPA modify its proposal. You can watch the address by Representative King by clicking the link below.


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