Garner City Council to have Goal Meeting

Garner Council  The Garner City Council will meet today at 5pm to review the 2012 Strategic Plan Summary Report and to identify recent accomplishments in the calendar year of 2012-13. The council wants to see if the items put forth in the strategic plan have been accomplished or if there are any outstanding issues that need to be addressed.

The council will then look at those issues, and any new issues, concerns, opportunities, and trends which require attention by the city. They will then identify programs, policies, projects, and initiatives that either match or can address them.

The council will then prioritize them as to whether they need to be accomplished in the next two years or if they can be addressed over the long term of three to five years.

The council will end the meeting with any final questions, comments, and suggestions from not only the council itself, but also any in attendance. The meeting will be in the council chambers.

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