Police Looking for New Belmond Contract


  A December 2 City Council Meeting in Belmond could an interesting response from the council to the contract demands set forth by the Police Department. The Teamsters Union is representing the Belmond Police in their negotiations with the city. The union is asking that the city for staggered pay scales depending on shifts. First shift officers would get a 4% pay raise, second shift, an 8% pay raise, and for third shift officers a 10% raise. The shift raises reflect what is perceived to be the dangers associated with the increase in crime during those hours.

  Other demands relate to new bullet proof vests every five years, clothing allowances of up to $600, and something no city employee receives presently, paid dental and vision coverage. The teamsters are also adding to the list of contract demands, free continuing education.

  The demands were given to the City Council in their meeting Monday night and the council will take them into consideration before the next council meeting on December 2nd, a week from Monday.

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