Circle Visits Nativity

Algona Nativity Algona Nativity 2 Algona Nativity 3

For some, the mere mention of starting in on the holidays may be a bit much, but for the Ladies Literary Circle of Buffalo Center, it warranted a trip to Algona.

The Circle visited the Prisoner of War carvings of life size figures of Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus. During World War II, prisoners were held captive in Algona and some of them were exceptional wood carvers who left behind the nativity scene after the war. The scene is now a fixture in the museum in Algona. The scene is usually open in December, but the Circle arranged a private viewing.

The museum will open its doors on December 1st to the general public. One never knows though if among the guests may be some of the artists who carved the figures. Many of those who did, have returned to revisit their artwork.

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