Clear Lake City Hall and Police Station Remodeling to be Discussed

Clear Lake City Council
Clear Lake City Council

The Clear Lake City Council will meet tonight for a presentation on the Police Department/City Hall Building Renovation Project. The meeting and work shop is scheduled for 6:00 pm at Clear Lake City Hall. Scott Flory, City Administrator will open the meeting with an introduction. A review of DRAFT Plans & Specifications will be presented by Doug Foreshoe of Bergland & Cram. The Clear Lake City Council will then discuss the project of which, the total cost estimate is around $1,648,340 that will be broken up into three phases.

The first phase will cost $202,609 and will involve the replacing of doors, windows, and a new roof. The windows around both city hall and the police station are in need of replacing and the roof which is leaking. The interior remodeling of the police and fire station buildings will encompass the second phase of the project which is estimated to cost near $718,992. Blueprints of the project will be presented to the council on the remodeling that will be done inside both buildings.

The third phase involves the remodeling of City Hall which is estimated to cost $273,759. The council will also review blueprints on this remodeling on tonight. The meeting is open to the public and will begin at 6pm.

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