Grassley Comments on Obama Call for Uncancelling of Policies

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa today made the following comment on President Obama’s call for insurance companies to continue already cancelled plans for another year.

“For three years, the President has taken out his pencil and eraser and rewritten or delayed his law on the fly when it’s not working. He’s doing it again today. The insurance companies that sent four million cancellation notices did it to comply with his law. What will it take for the President to admit the law isn’t working and at least call for a full delay?  The President should work with Congress on something bipartisan that would address health insurance problems without disrupting what does work in our health care system.”

According to the latest estimates from the federal government, almost 80,000 Iowans on average have lost their insurance due to cancelled plans as a result of the Affordable Health Care Act. The President tried to apologize to the 2.6 million at the time who who had lost their plans. Since that apology was made, another 11,000 Iowans on average and another 1.4 million Americans overall have lost their plans and are now uninsured.

According to Representative Steve King in an exclusive interview with KIOW News, over ten Democrats have visited with Obama to try and resolve the problem. King told KIOW News that, “Since the elections are looming on the horizon, there is now a change in the tide and some Democrats are afraid that this program, with its current failures, will just simply become worse and they want Obama to do something.”

Government officials we spoke with would not comment on how many more are projected to lose their insurance through cancellations as a result of the Affordable Health Care Act.

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