Forest City Student Body Leveling Off

The official enrollment numbers are in for the Forest City Community School District and despite the slight drop in enrollment, Superintendent Darwin Lehman is pleased with what he sees. The school district is seeing enrollment numbers leveling off. From last years enrollment to this, there has only been a loss of 4 students in the official count. This is encouraging to the district because it means that the district is retaining more students and is not seeing losses in enrollment like other districts who have to merge to stay viable.

School districts across the country have been experiencing declines in enrollment until school districts merge. Consolidation has been an ongoing effort in the northern Iowa area. However to Lehman, he is happy that the continual declining enrollment is slowing¬†down. “This is the first time in my 7 years here that we have seen this and that is very encouraging in that area.”

The student body numbers are arrive at from an official count held every October in the school year and then those numbers are reported not only to the Forest City Community School Board, but also to the State of Iowa.

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